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Tinder Experiment: Men VS Women

Posted on Dec 7, 2015 by in Just For Laughs |

Tinder App Experiment: Men VS Women


Nic ► https://instagram.com/nic_palladino10
Rosie ► https://instagram.com/__rosie

Tinder is an extremely popular dating app. I was curious to know how men and women fair differently.

Before I started, I emailed Tinder and asked if they could provide any data on match / message frequency by gender. Unfortunately, Tinder did not respond to my emails.

It’s not noted in the video, but we had to purchase Tinder plus on both accounts. Tinder Plus removes the daily swipe limit.

We controlled as much as we could with this experiment.
1. Gender equivalent names (Brian & Briana)
2. Same description
3. Same age
4. Same location
5. Same discovery preferences
6. Enabled “Show me in Discovery” at same time
7. Swiped 1000 each

We waited 24 hours to check the results:

Brian: 269 matches (27% match rate)
Briana: 701 matches (70% match rate)

Brian: 28 messages received (10.5% message rate)
Briana: 378 messages received (54% message rate)

Briana got 2.6x (160%) more matches than Brian.
Briana got 13.5x (1250%) more messages than Brian.

In conclusion, there appears to be a significant gender disparity on Tinder. Women get more matches, and receive more messages.

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